Sunday, August 21, 2011


by Megan

Smiley Face 1:
We FINALLY have CABLE!  It is amazing how much having TV with some American shows helps me feel a little more at home here.  Haha - I love my shows!

Smiley Face 2:
Another celebration - this is our 3rd week of work.  After this week, we get off Monday-Thursday of next week (for Hari Raya).  If the government also calls Friday an official holiday, we'll be off Friday too.  If the government does NOT call Friday a holiday, then we have school on Friday and Saturday.  Weird.  Anyway, we are planning to go somewhere for a night or two.  Maybe Melaka.  It's supposed to be a nice short trip (a few hours drive) - smaller village with British colonial influences.  So, if we do that - I'll be sure to post about it. 

Smiley Face 3:
I've been feeling VERY pregnant lately.  Sore back, Cankles, swollen feet.  So, my friend Kate, her 9-year-old daughter Sarah, and I got pedicures.  It was SO nice.  The best part - it was only 44RM (which is around $15.00!)  SO CHEAP.  I even got a fancy design on my big toe.  Very cool :)  I'll totally be going back there.

Smiley Face 4:
Today we went to KLCC (big mall under the Twin Towers with outdoor eating and park).  We had some lunch, and bought an oven that will fit a 9x13 pan. I can bake again!  I'm very excited to have this.  I miss my recipes :)
Watching the water fountain at KLCC park - (while eating yummy treats)

Smiley Face 5:
As we were leaving to run some errands today, Caden yelled back to our Amah (maid/nanny) "I love you Julie!"  I feel so good knowing he's happy with who we're leaving him with every day :)

Now - if our shipment with all of our stuff would just arrive - then I'd be adding a HUGE smiley face #6.  I can give a Half Smiley though...We found out our stuff is in port here.  So hopefully (fingers crossed), we should be getting it within the next week or so :) 

In case anyone is are pictures of my two humanities classes:

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a pretty awesome experience over there! And I'm so glad you two are doing this blog so we here back in the US know you're all still alive :) I'm happy that you finally got your stuff, too. Wow, 2 months to be shipped--that's crazy! Sounds like your Amah is great, which as you said, must be a comfort. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! :) Keep posting!