Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Shipment Came!! (And other Ramblings)

By Megan

So - our stuff was picked up at our house in Manassas VA on June 10th.  It finally arrived at our door in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on August 24th.  PHEW!  That's a long boat ride :)

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it feels to have my things.  Its funny how much this helps me feel more at home.  At least now I've learned that if there is anything I might want/need within a few MONTHS of living, then I should just pay for extra suitcases and not ship those items.  Of course, we did end up buying some things that we knew we had coming- but oh, well.

Bad news - I may have ruined our Nintendo Wii (The ONE thing Caden has been asking about since June 10th).  Yes, today, while plugging it in, I accidentally used the 110V instead of the 240V adaptor.  I BLEW a fuse (and when fuses blow here - man do they BLOW - I'm so glad I didn't get hurt).  Now, I can't get the Wii to work - so I'm scared I may have even blown the fuse inside of the Wii console - DANGIT!!!!!!!!  Caden started to cry, I feel horrible - and so frustrated with myself for making such a stupid mistake.  I'm an idiot.

Onto other things:  We officially booked two nights at the Casa Del Rio hotel in Melaka (Malaysia's official historic capital) for next week.  I'm excited to have a short get-a-way, and excited to see another part of Malaysia.  Many colleagues are flying to beaches on the east coast, but Melaka is only a 2-hour(ish) drive, which is all I'm up for at this point- I'm feeling quite pregnant already.

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