Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Really Happening

written by: Megan

Well, Ron and I took the job at the International School of Kuala Lumpur in February.  Since then, we've gotten updated passports for the family, filled out official documents for Malaysia, gotten vaccinations, emailed freqently with future coworkers, sold cars, bought a car in Malaysia, had momentary freak outs, moved out of our house, etc., but it wasn't until today, when the movers came to put our stuff on a ship headed for Malaysia, that it finally began to feel REAL.  The kind of - Oh My Gosh, what are we doing, we're crazy, breathe breathe breathe - kind of real.  So, I can't really imagine how it's going to feel once we are actually on the plane, beginning our 30 hour trip to the other side of the world.  (once again - breathe!!!)

Thanks to our friends and coworkers, Rachel and Annette, we had an amazing dinner with our colleagues last night.  They gave us gifts, and even had our students all make us "good luck" cards.  Of course I cried, but I'm blaming that on being pregnant.  Really, it had NOTHING to do with the overwhelming out-pouring of love given to us by our friends ;)

Thank goodness for the words of encouragment a friend of ours gave in an email to me today about how she felt when she left her "cushy" job to go abroad: "As I flew across the Atlantic, I thought; What have I done? and I can't believe that I am doing this!  Soon I realized as I settled in that my perspective on life and people gradually changed.  It was the most stimulating four years of my life."  Thanks Mary - this helps :)

Anyway, we'll be sure to post about some actual fun stuff to read once our new adventure begins.