Friday, July 15, 2011

Facing Adversity (and other stuff)

Well, as should have been expected, not everything can go smoothly when moving across the world.  So far, we found a house that we like (many of you saw pics on Facebook).  Right now, we're just waiting for the final word from the landlord because we're trying to negotiate for a few things to be done before we move in.

Now onto the car we bought while back in the U.S.  Everything about the car itself is great.  We've actually heard that we got an awesome deal on it and that it's a good car.  Unfortunately, when Ron met with the insurance guy yesterday, it seems the people who sold it to us did not leave the correct papers for it to be signed over to us (the Malaysian government changed the paperwork a month or two ago, and the people we bought it from left malaysia well over a month ago).  So, Ron had to scan in documents and send them to the previous owners in Australia (thank god for technology and a business center in the hotel).  Now, we're at the mercy of them getting those things mailed back asap.  This means we might not be able to drive our car for a while, which in turn means we'll be moving into our house without a mode of transportation.  So, we'll be at the mercy of taxis.  UGH!!!!!!!!!

Waking up at 3am every morning with Caden, then getting him to go back to sleep until at least 5am is really starting to wear on me!!!!!!!!!  I can't WAIT until he's totally acclimated to the time difference.

Now onto other stuff - We are finding that people here are seriously SO NICE.  Really, every person we've come in contact with has been so incredibly helpful.  People are even friendly when riding the LRT (monorail).  While waiting to get into the train, people just naturally make lines outside the train (really!).  Then while on, young guys will get up from seats so their elders and children can sit.  When it comes to getting out of a packed train, people will make all effort to move out of the way so we could make it out the door.

When it comes to crossing the street, that can be a very daunting task.  Sometimes the "walk" lights won't be working.  So, we've had several motorbike people watch traffic and let us know when we can go.  (These guys are crazy drivers, but they really seem to know the flow of traffic around here).

Anyway, it's so nice to be in a huge city that is filled with friendly people.  Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not  insanely careful about carrying a purse (because of course, there are thieves among men), but overall, people are great.

 Where we eat breakfast at hotel
 Hotel Pool
 Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang

 Japanese restaurant with Sushi conveyor belt
All of the workers LOVE Caden (and his hair) 
 Leaving Pavilion Mall
We had to cross this traffic to get to our hotel.  NOT an easy task!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Which way is up???

Okay, so after about 2 days of being here, I finally have the strength to sit and write on the blog.  Phew - 30 hours of straight travelling is, well - dreadful!  We felt pretty awful when we first arrived.  I think Caden felt the best because he seemed to sleep pretty well on the plane, and since he could put his feet up, he was the only one that didn't have incredibly swollen feet and ankles.

Now that we're here - let's just say, as we expected, Malaysia is SO DIFFERENT from home.  That's what we signed up for, right?  Haha.  The hotel is beautiful with a wonderful pool.  The down side is just how much we have to get done in a few days.  Today we met our live-in nanny (called an Amah).  Her name is Julie.  We did immigration and contract stuff with her.  We also went to set up a bank account (in an old looking part of town - the kind of part that looks just like many Asian streets seen on The Amazing Race).  Speaking of Malaysian streets - holy motorbikes weaving in and out of traffic!  Jeez!  I can't believe there isn't a higher death rate (whole families - yes small children - riding on the bikes too! - YIKES).

Today is also packed with meeting with the relocation company and looking at housing with the realtor.  Unfortunately, Caden couldn't handle more than the bank and seeing our new school, so Ron and I had to split up.  Caden and I took a taxi back to the hotel (taxi driver had some weird music on), and Ron is going to look at housing and take LOTS of pictures to show me.  A bit of a bummer I can't go, but hey, he can narrow down choices, and any he likes, we can go back.

Anyway, we haven't had much time to do anything really cool.  We have walked to and had dinner at the Petronas Towers twice.  That is a HUGE and BUSY place.  It has a gigantic mall along the bottom of the two towers - many American and British stores, so not too exciting really.  Our next adventure will be to get some food at a hawker stall.  But first, I think we all need to start feeling normal before trying anything too different.

Oh - I almost forgot.  The very first toilet I used when getting off the plane in Kuala Lumpur was a squatty potty!  Oh man.  Yes, I squatted down into a hole in the floor.  Not fun - especially while pregnant.  I found out, after using that one, that many restrooms here have BOTH squatty and western toilets, so I learned (the hard way) to just look into the stalls until I find a western toilet!  Sheesh.