Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Alive

by Ron.

We drove today and survived. Only once did I want to drive on the right side and that was in a parking garage.

On an unrelated note, we bought a TV tonight. We purchased a camera/microphone for it so we will be able to access skype on the 40 inch TV. We think Caden will like seeing the grandparents and other friends really big on  the living room TV.

Monday, July 18, 2011

9 nights down, 1 to go

posted by Ron. 

We are approaching the end of our hotel stay at the Renaissance. We have been very busy each day trying to take care of a million different little things, but we have also been able to enjoy the pool and the great location of the hotel right in the middle of the city. Caden is starting to adjust better to the time difference I think because the past few mornings we have been able to sleep in until about 7am (which is way better than 3-4am as that is what was happening earlier this week).

I think in a facebook post a few days ago I mentioned that the heat wasn't so bad. Well, I"m starting to have a different opinion about that. It is hot. I am used to really hot days in July coming from VA, but I think it is going to be strange when it is December and it is still this hot. Luckily we will live very close to a club that has a pool. I think we will make very good use of that.

Yesterday I put down a deposit on the house we will be renting. It all becomes official on tomorrow and then the house will be ours and we will be moving into it when we check out of the hotel. It will be nice when we finally get settled into the house and start to make it feel like a home. Our things we shipped from VA won't get here until mid-August, so we will have to do quite a bit of shopping for this and that. I think we will go on a big shopping spree tomorrow. Internet, phone, and tv may take several weeks so the facebook posting will probably be rapidly slowing down.

I think Megan mentioned in her post that we were having issues with the transfer of ownership paperwork for the car we bought. Well, good news on that front. The woman responded to me and is in the process of mailing the forms (from Australia). I don't know how long everything will take until we are able to drive our car that we bought, but luckily we will have a different starting today for the next week. One of our new teacher friends that Megan will be teaching with was able to get in contact with a different teacher who is on vacation and we are going to be able to use her car until next Tuesday. Everyone at ISKL (our school) has been extremely helpful so far with anything that we've needed.

We have started to meet new teachers and other teachers from the school the past few days. On Saturday night, we ate at Suzi's corner and a had a few tables full of all ISKL people. The next night about 11 of us or so went to a Vietnamese restaurant (Sao Nam). Megan and I had a great time both nights and it was especially nice getting answers to a lot of questions about everything.

We are borrowing that car within the next hour or so and then driving will begin. Steering wheel different side, driving on the other side of the road, watching out for crazy motorbikes who ride on the white lines, Ignoring most of the driving rules I'm used to..These are the things I will have to learn very quickly.

While Megan and Caden went swimming today, I went off to look for a tv. I went to a place called Lowyat Plaza in Bukit Bintang. It was nothing like I've ever seen before. Every store is a technology store which specializes in computers and phones (not many tvs actually). There are literally hundreds of stores in this plaza and they sell nothing but computers, phones, and things related. A bit overwhelming. I am going to try for the tv later on today at KLCC (the mall at the base of the twin towers).