Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A few random thoughts for the day.

posted by Ron. 

#1. I really should stop asking if something is spicy. The reason I need to stop is not because I don't want to know, but because it's hard to translate the response. Here is what I've figured out so far:
     -Is it spicy?   "no"----this response means that yes it is spicy.
     -Is it spicy?   "a little"---this response means that it will burn your lips off and may melt your face.
     -Is it spicy?   "yes" ----nobody has actually responded yes yet which really scares me.

#2. Everything you've heard about the equator is true. Well, probably. I don't know what you've heard, but if you've heard it's hot then that's true at least. Wow. It's hot. However, other people seem fine. I feel like everyone should just be a sweaty mess and carrying around towels with them. I might have an equator allergy or something, I don't know. It makes me sweat. A lot. Did I say that yet?

#3. You don't have to be friends or family to love Caden. It's amazing how many times people will stop us so they can get their picture with him. Maybe taking your picture with a white red-headed boy means good luck. He used to say, "Why are they taking pictures of me?" He really doesn't ask anymore. He kind of knows he's awesome now.