Saturday, October 15, 2011


Theme park inside Berjaya Times Square mall.
by Ron.

We've been in KL for 97 days. It feels like 94 days. Nobody ever says something like that do they? It's usually a huge exaggeration in either direction, but never a number close to the real one. Well, I will not let the masses influence my internal clock. It feels like 94. This is a good segue to a great accomplishment I had today.

Megan, Caden, and I went to Berjaya Times Square mall today. We went here because we needed to buy a few things, but more importantly because we heard that they had a big indoor theme park. After we unsuccessfully did some shopping and before we ventured to the rides, we stopped and had some lunch at Papa John's. During our meal, Megan asked what time it was. I hadn't seen a clock in quite some time. I love when this happens. It allows me to use one of the great gifts I have. I feel like I have a really good internal clock. I guessed 11:52am. Guess what? It was 11:51am. Impressed? Of course you are and you should be. I was really impressed with myself. So impressed in fact that it was a true highlight of my day (and it was a pretty good day). I'm sure when Megan reads this entry she will be rolling her eyes because she has probably heard enough about my internal clock abilities. I wish there was some type of way I could use this skill to my benefit.

Ok, I really have no idea now where I was going with this blog entry. It's turned into some weird rambling. However I also sort of like the idea of this entry solely dedicated to my internal clock. When I remember what I was going to write about I will add a new entry. I'll put up some pictures of our day today. It really was a good day (even without the amazing 11:52 guess).

The theme park also had a playground. Caden was
in heaven today. I'm sure we will be coming back here. 

Caden working on some cool sand art. 

Caden's finished project.