Sunday, October 16, 2011


written by Megan

Is it bad that I have had enough of people being totally obsessed with my son - wanting to grab his arm, touch his face, touch his hair, and take a picture with or of him?  I am becoming Super Protective Mom and am going to Flip Out on someone!!!  Again, is this bad?

Ok, so I guess it's exciting, or rare for people here in Malaysia to see not only a young 'white' boy but a young white boy with red hair - that seems to be like spotting an albino flying pig or something!

The Obsession with Caden......Just this weekend:
1. Man just outwardly taking pictures of us (Caden) as we walk past him
2. Man walking by Caden in store making weird whistling-type noises to try to get Caden to look at him
3. Woman greeter at restaurant can barely contain herself - I can tell she wants so badly to touch Caden but can't leave her 'post' - so instead is loudly whispering at him to get his attention
4. Woman at department store, literally grabbing onto Caden's arm and touching his face, forcing him to stand there and talk to her until Mom (me) saves him - pulls him away - and ultimately walks away so the woman will leave him alone!
5. Young girls (probably mid 20s) trying to take a picture of Caden eating his dessert - I say try because the one was pretending to stand there, chugging her water while she was actually trying to figure out how to use the camera on her phone.

Seriously - It's a good thing Caden is so calm about all of it.  If I were him, I'd be hitting and kicking at everyone - I swear!

I know my little buddy is the cutest little guy in the WORLD but seriously people!  BACK OFF.  I might need to hire a body guard just for Caden - he's like a superstar :)

(Oh, and it might be going to his head.  He did say to me "Mommy, everyone really likes me here.  They like me a lot.")  

Oh Boy.