Saturday, February 11, 2012

Amazing Opportunities

posted by Ron.

This is the beautiful resort we are staying at in July when we visit Brunei.

 After our 30 hour hellish excursion to fly to Malaysia last July, we have not yet been back on a plane. We are going to put that grounded streak to an end soon. One of the best things about living this international teaching life is the opportunities it provides to travel and see the world. Our location in KL is great in the sense that so many amazing places are just a short flight away.

We have 3 trips planned in the next few months. For spring break in March we are going to go to Penang, Malaysia. Penang is small island that is off of Malaysia's northwest coast. A few days after our last day of school in June, we are flying to Bali, Indonesia. A couple of weeks later we will be visiting the really small country of Brunei, which is located on the island of Borneo. All 3 places look to be a little slice of paradise. 

I never thought that I would go to any of these places in my life, much less all 3 of them in a 4 month span. Our life has certainly changed in 1 year's time. It's becoming more and more apparent that you can't always predict where life will take you. We are really enjoying the wild ride

Aerial view of Penang

Hopefully we will get to eventually see several of these places on this map.
We are particularly excited about our trip to Bali in June.