Monday, April 9, 2012

Feelin the Love and Caden's becoming Malaysian :)

posted by Megan

Feelin the Love

So, a few posts back, I was ranting about the frustations of everyone wanting to touch and take pictures with Caden here.  Today, I'm going to take the opposite route completely...

As everyone must know by now, Brady took a turn for the worse while on vacation in Penang.  We ended up in the hospital overnight.  Well, that ordeal really truly opened my eyes to how caring so many people are here in Malaysia.  Here are some specifics that we encountered:

-The hotel doctor personally called a pediatrician (late at night) and asked him to meet us at the ER
-The doctor then got us a taxi
-While getting into the taxi, the hotel manager gave me his card and said to call him personally if we needed anything at all
-The taxi driver waited at the hospital for us for 2 hours - free of charge - to be sure Caden and I got back to the hotel safely
-The same taxi driver gave me his card and said to call at anytime, and he'd be at the hotel to bring us back to the hospital (and he was)
-the entire hotel staff, including the housekeepers, kept asking how Brady was doing - truly concerned
-the hotel made up a fruit basket and card to send to the hospital for us

Everyone was so willing to help and make sure we felt safe during this ordeal that I was so thankful for the generosity.

Even before Brady got sick I was finding myself finally used to everyone wanting to touch and talk to my boys.  I even let the workers at a local restaurant/stall hold Brady so that Ron and I could eat at the same time!  It was great!  Plus, at one point about 10 girls on the beach were gushing over/touching/taking pictures with Caden, and I didn't get the same anxious feeling I used to get.
Malaysian man holding Brady while we eat 
I think it all comes down to what I was accustomed to in the States, and I just had to get used to things here.  In the States people are just so afraid to show affection toward stranger's children because of the possibility that it might be taken the wrong way.  It's sad really.  I mean just as many men love to talk to and touch Caden and Brady's cheeks, hands, or hair here as women, and I have learned to be ok with it.  They truly just love kids, and that is a wonderful thing.  Since being here, and I believe due to all the positive attention, Caden has really come out of his shell.  He is no longer afraid to talk to most strangers (when he's with Mommy and Daddy).  It's nice to see him converse with people here...  and speaking of Caden...

Caden's becoming Malaysian

Caden is definitely picking up on the gestures and language used here.  Now, unfortunately he only knows a few Malay words since English is so widely spoken, but since it is British english, he is picking up on that for sure.  Here are a few things Caden says/does that are because of living here:

He points with his thumb, never his "pointer" finger

He says in Bahasa Malay... Terima Kasih (thank you), Sama-Sama (you're welcome), Selamat Pagi (good morning), Sedap (nice/yum)

He uses British English like.... lift, trolley, que, air con for air conditioner, and holiday

He talks about durian, mangoes, monkeys, tupai, and geckos

He has never questioned why women are fully covered or why he hears a call to prayer 5 times a day - that's just a part of his life here.